Thursday, March 31, 2011

HackPRO goes to Canberra

HackPRO, initially formed to coagulate a bunch of tossers and poseurs into a Team for the Audax Alpine Classic, is visiting the Nations capital in October. Yep. Canberra, here we come!

Oh and we might also do a bit of riding while we're there. How hard could it be?

I later discovered - thanks Russell - there is a 250km painfest planned by the organisers as well. Andres* was also keen to extend the fun. So upon realising this I promptly changed the Event from 207km to 250km! This didn't go down too well with one of the new members of HackPRO. What's an extra 43km between friends huh?

Ultimately, this is just a training run for Death Camp planned later in the year. Several days of mountainous hurt. It's what the fans want! Honest!

And besides, who doesn't want the sense of accomplishment you get on rolling over the line in one of these events?

* Who IS Andres anyway?

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