Monday, March 14, 2011

Girl Envy. I really want her thighs.

Yeah I know, I should really be telling you about the race... here's the 'low-down' or is it 'down-low'?

Average speed 35.4km/h
Max Speed 53.3km/h
Didn't throw up
Didn't come last
Didn't crash...

That's a good race. Women's B Grade at SKCC in case you where wondering. Oh and favorite pre-race song this week... Alejandro.

Anyways, back to girl envy, I was with Madgan today, who else am I ever with, he is my trusted training partner and one of the reasons why I'm able to do the speeds that I'm doing now. Oh yeah, seriously, when he dances up that hill with his 60kg body he does it with ease... me? Oh for me its like death, screw DEATH CAMP, I just ride with people who are fitter than me.. problem solved, its great training!

We where down at Mordi with all the other cyclists who weren't actually stupid enough to try out the Three Peaks Challenge, knowing that the Audax Event is by far superior than the Bicycle Victoria one and.. 

que dream like sequence...

There she was, blond, tall, legs up to my armpits man, amazing and that lovely tanned skin, seriously, I always say I'd only turn for a red head (my bike) but I'd consider it with this Amazonian Goddess. But it wasn't really that she was blond and tall and had tanned skin, it was more them legs and the muscle definition in those thighs...

Liz Hatch is the original poster girl, for sxy looking pics in the world of Women's Cycling, she's pioneered getting her kit of in the name of more media. Somehow though, I don't actually think that's what she cares about, sometimes I think she just likes getting her kit off.

Sounds almost pornographic doesn't it boys... pics? Of course there are pics.

Okay, she's tall and blond, but it isn't who we saw down at Mordi. Pity.

This picture is from the World Champs in Melbourne this year, I love it, and have loved it from the moment I saw it.

I can't find the exact picture that I'm after, which is a drainer, I really should have snapped her picture on my iPhone. 

On the fly and just cause I can I'd like to add...

I read a post from another blog about Women's Cycling about two minutes ago, it was about American racing and how hard it is to get women's racing a place next to the men. I think most of us ride road because of the fun, the mates that we make, and the intense need for speed.

I've been hit by two cars, crashed on a descent down a mountain and few other hick ups here and there and I never once thought about not getting back on my bike. Most of these women are the same, they just want to ride, but we'd also like some recognition in the process.

There are some, amazing women out there riding bikes and mostly we're all beautiful like the girls above, I envy all of them for their dedication and their experience and I hope that one day I get to pull on a team jersey for a team that I want to race with.

Women's Racing Rocks!


  1. And Liz Hatch has some really cool training methods!

  2. Liz is pretty rad, she takes awesome somewhere else that nobody else knows about... not even I'm in the loop on that one.