Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turn it up... the music you fool!

*Warning, I'm not taking the piss, I'm suggesting you do something about your miserable fucking life and turn it into the best thing you've ever experienced*

I got a DM on Twitter the other day, it said, "Young people think they know it all." and there was a HaHa at the end, but I don't feel that its relevant.

I'm tossing up the idea of doing Exercise Science, I need to find out more info, but told mum and her words where, "your not smart enough..."

Wow... talk about deflation.

Anyways there's this feeling that exists, its called happiness and according to Google Images, happiness is something like

Right, interesting thought, I was thinking something more along the lines off...

Thats my idea of happiness... achievement.

I was discussing with a person who shall otherwise remain nameless, but for the sake of it lets call him self-declared-genius, about winning and not just winning but women sitting on the sidelines.

I'm not sure where I stand on that at the moment (women sitting on the sidelines and wanting to try but don't), what I know is pretty straight forward.

Everyone needs a theme song, mine changes weekly or when ever my mood changes, this week I'm hanging with the Latino Pop crowd, how very chic of me, anyways this one is Liberate by Natalia I'm not too sure about the clip, I heard it first without the clip. Just click it.

Anyways, this is my theme song for my sales job, I've got sales targets to reach and you don't always want to reach them, its not always your day either, motivation goes up and down.

My point is... yes there is one... sometimes you need to JUMP.

I jumped, I went back to university with no money in the bank, bills to pay and I only had one shift a week to bring some money home.

What did I do?

I sat down at the computer and applied for every single job I clicked on seek, probably I applied for 30 jobs, 5 days later I was employed.

So if you want 

sometimes you need to jump and see where it takes you

it could take you all the way to Kona, wanna here those words? "You ARE an IRONMAN."

You want to stand at the TOP of your field and be the best that YOU can be? You want to choose your life? Take a chance, there's no safety net and you could totally fail, but it'll be worth the journey.

I'm not even near the end, but I will experience 

because I WANT to finish first, and first isn't given to you.


None of what I do would be possible without HackPRO, make your own team and treat them how you wish to be treated and worship the ground they walk on.

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