Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gorgeous, Sxy Women...

Oh how it sucks to be you... 

Normally I write sexually motivated posts about women, mostly I do this because I'm the only girl and everyone else is a man, so I figure they need something to think about and I find that they respond nicely to pictures.
Anyways, racing and the boys (men) who race.

They're surprisingly hot, I remember reading somewhere and I quote, "all male cyclists look better with sunglasses on." I don't know if that's true or not, because I know a lot of beautiful/handsome/sexy men who cycle and its not just about the face, its actually about the entire... 

When I look at a male cyclist, its got nothing to do with their face, at least it doesn't to begin with, normally it follows the following... I'm using pictures to illustrate my point as usual.

I like calves, although this doesn't tell you too much about the rider, it only says they have good muscle definition or can develop muscle well. They could actually suck.

I like the look of them from behind, used to ride with this one boy purely because he had a rock hard arse... face... meh, not so good, attitude, surprisingly dull, the sex... not the way I like it.

Then I look at.. the frame people, not the girls!

If its not ascetically pleasing to me then he probably wont be either.

Then kit comes into it, does he match? Like this man? 

Feel free to stare at that picture just a little bit longer .. I'll wait.

So that's the start of the fantasy, a man with good calves, followed by a great butt, and a good bike that he matches... oh come on ladies, thats no all their is too it.

There has to be something said for experience, a bunch of E graders out on their first race are hardly sxy, some are if they're sandbagging it with their C59's and Campy wheelset, cause they where actually a pro back in the 50's and can only just now afford the bling...

There's a lot of things I'd do for a C59.. if it where pink.

Sit down and watch a race, a crit is best, you get to see them more often; race around and around the track. Watch them play out their tactics, their speed, their experienced with what they do, they know how the race will play, they know when to work and when not to. They know their bike and how to use them, they also have this arrogance about them that is terrible alluring to almost any female.

Any man can achieve the above, but it takes brilliance to actually get the arrogance right. If you want to lick it from top to bottom and stop in all the important places along the way then you should just say something.

Thanks for coming...

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