Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ready, set... you can hold your line, right?

Turns out that riding around isn't anywhere near as fun as riding around in a circle at really fast speeds (crit racing).

Kinda looks a bit like the picture below, probably they're professionals and probably they're not the E Graders that I raced with..

Things like this can happen, this is called fucking up and not holding your line... learn from your mistakes. The peloton will learn from your mistakes and drop your fucking arse...

Mostly they don't end up like that, or at least they didn't when I raced, it was more like perfection, HTC perfection... lead out train, swish hey, *sigh*.

Followed by, "Yeah, woooo hoooooo."

And then, "your the best team mate in the world..."

And then... yeah okay, real men can cry to. See that bottom lip quivering? And the sooky eyes?

And then some fried brioche at Hardware Societie (sp? I'm not checking its tooo late and I have a lecture at 8am... ethics at 8am, seriously not cool). Okay, I ended up F7 it.

So, that's pretty much what happens at a criterium, POMA dropped by and watched me race, I spent too much time on the front and learnt a lesson from that.


I also learnt that I need to do more sprint work, other than that the speed of E Grade men is apparently faster than B Grade women, so I'll go join B Grade women next week and hopefully we don't see any of this...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

He was like 7 FOOT TALL... Serious!

Its amazing what you see on Beach Road, I was riding with Madgan, we'd done a massive ride allllll the way to Mordialloc and we where on our way back to Melbourne when we saw this cyclists who was 7 FOOT TALL...

Madgan and I where both massively impressed by the amazing abilitiy of the above cyclist, to begin with the kit is amazing, I'd never seen such impressive Lycra on Beach Road.

I commented to Madgan about the speed of the 7 FOOT TALL man on the massive bicyle and said, "should we chase?"

Madgan didn't reply, then I looked at the calves of the 7 FOOT TALL man.... Moo

Wrong picture...

Much better...

Anyway, due to the size of the calves we realised quickly that we actually had no hope of catching the 7 FOOT TALL Russian on the classy LOOK bicycle.

I know you want to look at that all day, a 7 FOOT TALL Russian man on a LOOK bicycles, I couldn't find a picture of the Russian on a LOOK bicycles, I hope the picture above is satisfying.