Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

Crashing happens, cyclists get hit by things and before we get to involved with crashing, special thanks to Carly for this weeks song, 'Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield.'

 and then sometimes

and lets not forget

In crit racing your biggest enemy is actually the person beside you, we're all fighting for a good position in the pace line, accidents happen and I'll be throwing my most recent and first crit crash down to experience.

I also wont be petty enough to lay blame, the people beside me could have behaved differently and I'm sure I could as well, but at the time they did the best at staying upright, so kudos to them!

But anyway it it went something like this

followed by

chasing some girls who looked like they wanted to breakaway, which we don't seem to like in B Grade, so went back to this

and then at some point I ended up here

Not me, but good enough, then you go through the whole moment of, I crashed... what exactly hurts, where does it hurt, is that my shoulder or my neck, why is my calf hurting, how's my head?

My left shoulder took most of the force along with my elbows which are nicely scratched and damaged, I've got some road rash on my butt and thats about it.

Yes I cried. No, I'm not embarrased that I cried, it really hurt and the shock is crap.

I'll be back on the bike tomorrow, maybe not on the road, but definately on the trainer, I'll try for the road on Tuesday and see how I go, until then my Murray to Moyne Adventure is over, my long term goals are more important at the moment and the strain of a long ride on my shoulder isn't worth it.

The road season is upon us and maybe I'll ride in SKCC club champs for some more criterium experience, we'll see how I'm feeling in a few weeks.

I'm not weak enough to walk away from a sport that I love.


  1. Ouch! That is tough. Too bad about M2M but you look after that shoulder.

    Reading your report reminded me of when I came off and broke my knee. It didn't occur to me at the time to cry. I think I was so focused on finishing the ride that I just concentrated on that.

    Take care and heal well!

  2. There was no way in hell I could have gotten up and continued, the shock was unreal... anyways, about 12 hours later, a lot of ice, anti-inflammatories and I'll be good as new by weeks end.

    How you continued that ride with a broken knee is beyond me... thats hardcore man, that puts me to shame ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement.