Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Psike - Steel is real... *insert rolling eyes smilie*

In recent days there has been a lot of trash talk on my facebook page regarding the choices of new bikes and what to buy; especially in the lead up to the Alpine Classics. There's a lot of bling on the market and no doubt we all have different tastes, I just wanted to start out by saying, "Steel isn't real."

Due to the large amounts of trash talk, I thought it about time that I introduce Psike, he's from Canberra, the nations capital, so its fair to say in all honesty that he knows... nothing, right?

Not entirely, he does know something about HTFU though, it would take a while to mention all the Audax rides that he has done, and there has been a few, so I'm not gonna bother, it would probably also make me feel slow and sucky (not far from the truth). 

Psike has thoroughly suggested that I HTFU a little bit and stop sooking that I haven't be able to ride because I got hit by a car and wrote of my bike and therefor haven't been able to train and did I mention that my mother broke her ankle and I'm looking after her?


However, Hannos, just got a new bike, a 2010 BMC SLC01  and to top it off, he had some beautiful Zipp 404 Clinchers to make it hotter and sexier. Which lets face it, 404's are hot; sure those who don't have them say they're too heavy and not to mention the word that they're over priced... I don't need a man, I just need a new bike every six months and some 404's, perhaps an upgrade to Di2 when I graduate from University in a million years and a pink helmet.

I'm about to take possession of a 2011 Felt AR4, its got full Ultegra, which is what I'm happy with, I was tossing up between the Felt and the 2011 Cannondale SuperSix, but I didn't want the Tecktro breaks and the FSA Cranks that came on the 'Dale. I've heard the 2011 Felt AR3 (SRAM) is stiff and fast; looking forward to having carbon between my legs again. I've been off the bike since the 14th of December. My new 404 clincher shouldn't be far away, and I'll be the proud owner of a very nice looking bike, lickable even... don't ask.

As you can see there's a lot of hormones and carbon floating through facebook, twitter and the odd internet forum (helmets rule), I think ultimately we're living out our fantasy's on our bikes and this seems to include lots and lots of riding (take it as you choose). Psike has decided to take the piss out of our carbon bling and sexy wheels, jealous is a green eyed monster.

I really can't take the piss out of him too much cause I have a feeling that he'll be providing a lot of the motivation to get me and Hannos through the Alpine Classics, even with our carbon and 404's we're actuall riding at the speed of snails. 

Psike's position in this team was thoroughly discussed amongst the team and it went something like this.

I said, "this dude Psike from the forums is gonna come to and he's done lots of Audax rides and is awesome!"

Hannos said, "who?"

Cpical said, "okay."

Madgan said, "sure... what are the sleeping arrangements?"

That's how careful our consideration is when it comes to choosing team members, ultimately I seem to have the final say, I'm not sure why, could be because of my amazing influence on others or my hard work and determination.

Psike has said that he doesn't care how long it takes as long as he's in within the time limit, so that puts us at a maximum of about 13 hours, worst case scenario.

As long as there is a bottle of Patricia (Brown Brothers) at the Penthouse at the end of the day, I'm easy. I'll find a picture of Psike later in his hat, I'll steal something from facebook and deface it as much as possible.

Only about two weeks until we all attempt to kill ourselves and I just read recently that that Bling kid does about 1000km a week...

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