Monday, January 10, 2011

Ultra marathon running... running?

Ultra marathon running for most cyclists is running for a tram, train or bus and in most cases its because your bikes out of commission due to a vehicle of some sort; or possibly your soft like marsh mellow.

POMA and I took on the challenge, we were peer pressured into a challenge (by me), I never actually expected POMA to say... "Okay." About ten minutes later I received an email from Ultra Marathon buddy Justin Scholz (Wangaratta local) to say that POMA has entered. Oh my god.. I actually had to follow through and enter, bugger.

Now, I had said that POMA could do the 5km cause he's like... way older than me and I'd do the 10km cause I'm young and more awesome.. right? Um, wrong, in so many different ways.

*Sook Alert*

POMA hadn't trained and I had made a lame attempt at training. Spent more time sooking over not having a bike actually, don't forget before Christmas I'd been hit buy a car and then got a cold.
More importantly we started our incredibly long car trip to Wangaratta at 5:30am, we arrived tired and stiff, and craving coffee, as our only choices seemed to be McDonalds and Subway, we by-passed the caffeine and chose juice instead.

Saw Justin at the start line and his face lit up and yelled, "10km Missy?" I frowned and shook my head, "nah, just 5km today."

Little did I know how much trouble I'd cause...

Before we new it the 10km runners where at the start line, without me, and ready to go. Sharon Scholz, ultra marathon runner/awesome/inspiring/champion, got them started yelling, "Ready, Set, Go."

Her website is, in 2010 Sharon went all out and broke a heap of records and I've listed them below, just in case you weren't sure what ultra marathon running was... just in case you thought riding 200km was impressive... here's a reality check.
  • 6th outright 24 hour World Championships (224.885km)
  • Winner Australian Championships 48 hour race + new record (333.026km)
  • Winner Coburg 6 hour Track event (71.927km)
  • Winner 50km Mansfield to Mount Buller race
  • Winner 240km Coast to Kosciuszko race + new record (32:14:28)
POMA and I've ridden a lot of mountains together and always agree to go at our own pace and thats what we did, with the agreement to meet at the finish line.

To keep it simple and to save myself any embarasment I'm just going to state the facts, POMA was across the line before I'd even made it to the 3.5km mark, I found some other girls to talk to on the way and that was okay with me.

I made sure I ran passed all the photographers, because I couldn't possibly let Justin see me walking the course.

Sharon's goal had been to get us off the couch that morning and about 200+ people had come to join the party, most of the online entries had been from out of town. Even though I don't really like running and I prefer my bike, I'll be continuing the commitment to fit in a run at least twice a week this year, I'd like to improve on my 5km time... which although awesome, could use some improvement.

I think POMA could totally get a prize in the veteran category, I have no chance in the elite women's, a girl had won it in 21:43, I think I could have a go at getting a prize in the veterans category... even then... its hard work this running business.

I'll probably never run further than a marathon (bucket list... dumb idea), its nice to know that riding 200km isn't the dumbest idea someone has ever come up with... ultra marathon certainly takes the cake when it comes to extreme-personal-oh-my-god-you-did-what moments?

Alpine Classics, what mountain....


  1. Nice story, I like your post. :D

    Looking forward for new post.

  2. We like that you like it... There will be more about running towards the end of the week