Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Note from Mum.

Right, here's the deal. Its TOO late. Don't think you can train for it now, its all over. Its 3 days away. On Saturday we will be driving approximately 5 hours from Melbourne to Mt Beauty with the anticipation of starting and finishing the Alpine Classics on Sunday 23rd of January 2011.... now this is EPIC.

I've changed my mind over and over again; I was in tears when I spoke to my mum about it. I've been tired for weeks (4 of them), I don't function well on 6 hours sleep let alone sleep that's interrupted by noise every two hours (or a muffin cat).

Mum is really supportive, she's actually amazing and she said I don't have to do it if I don't want to. She said I can go to relax to get away from her and not cycle and that it was totally up to me. She also said that I should ignore the peer pressure from the others that it wouldn't do me any good, she also reminded me that I've had two major crashes in one year and there was probably a third around the corner (thanks mum...).

She also said, "do you want me to write a note," and then she added, "just tell them to f--- off if there annoying you."

She keeps it real.

Last night I finally got some sleep, I woke up fresh and I felt good... I got my required 8 hours, I don't know how parents do it. I'm looking after my mum at the moment by cooking dinner and picking her up from work and driving her to work because she can't, and I think taxi's are a waste of money.

The last four weeks have been trying my patience (not that I have any), I didn't get my place at RMIT University for Journalism on Monday which bought everything crashing down by Tuesday. I am now happy with my place at the Australian Catholic University and will stay enrolled there and start on the 21st of February.

Points for the next 3 days -
  • Stay hydrated - your muscles will thank you.
  • Scared? Print out the profiles of the ride and stick them to a spare wall at your desk.

  • Don't read the crap on the designated facebook group and avoid all communication with members of the team.. discuss anything but the Alpine Classics.
  • In case of boredom sell Zipp 404's Clinchers to partially fund trip to the Baltimore in 2012.
  • Decide on which kit to wear - I suggest your favorite kit, no I don't look as good in it as Tiffany Cromwell does and I don't plan on looking that good in it.
  • Do NOT forget your cap - as seen here once again thanks to Susan for making such a PRO product for such a PRO Team.
  • Don't talk strategy - there's only one strategy and that's FINISH
  • Do read this post on Cycling Tips - it'll make you laugh.
  • Russell should read this post.
In the meanwhile....

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