Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mt Donna Buang; I dream of her often.

I think Mt Donna Buang was the first mountain I'd climb, it was either that or the 1:20, I'm not sure... but you know the storey behind it. We discussed it in the previous post.

Madgan and I where there on Sunday, we hadn't left early which was fine, I understand that other people have commitments, that sometimes I'm lucky to be able to just do what I want. 

You go to a mountain to climb and its what we did, I'd never ridden it with a Garmin before, so to know the first 6km - 7km was full of climbing that involved 8% to 15% gave me a shock.

First time back to Mt Donna Buang in 1 year and 16 days, the climb had never hurt so much, the heat was horrid and my calves where cramping and my feet where hot... new shoes, new saddle; makes an interesting mix for the first day back up a mountain.

The first time I climbed Mt Donna Buang the time was 2hours and 1minute, it sticks in my head because Gunlock beat me by a minute... no more and no less.

Mt Donna Buang for the uninitiated is 16km and an average of 6.2%.

Madgan climbed well, he was worried, he's gonna kick it at the Alpine Classics... it'll be good training for the cycle leg of all those Tri's he does... right?

I must count him as one of the best I've ever climbed with, Madgan and Pical take the cake, they are gentleman and my friends. We are so lucky to have them on this team, I'm so lucky to have the both of them...

Just in case you thought I was lying... there's no proof, I was there and so was Madgan, my calves still hurt and the summit is burnt into my eyes, I know where it is ,I know where I crashed... I know that Mountain and I will get my 1 hours 15 minute time back this year.

I'll train all winter. Thanks Assos.

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