Saturday, February 12, 2011

He was like 7 FOOT TALL... Serious!

Its amazing what you see on Beach Road, I was riding with Madgan, we'd done a massive ride allllll the way to Mordialloc and we where on our way back to Melbourne when we saw this cyclists who was 7 FOOT TALL...

Madgan and I where both massively impressed by the amazing abilitiy of the above cyclist, to begin with the kit is amazing, I'd never seen such impressive Lycra on Beach Road.

I commented to Madgan about the speed of the 7 FOOT TALL man on the massive bicyle and said, "should we chase?"

Madgan didn't reply, then I looked at the calves of the 7 FOOT TALL man.... Moo

Wrong picture...

Much better...

Anyway, due to the size of the calves we realised quickly that we actually had no hope of catching the 7 FOOT TALL Russian on the classy LOOK bicycle.

I know you want to look at that all day, a 7 FOOT TALL Russian man on a LOOK bicycles, I couldn't find a picture of the Russian on a LOOK bicycles, I hope the picture above is satisfying.

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